Zupt Backpack Inertial Navigation System




2nd Hand/Used 2nd Generation Zupt Inertial Navigation System – Backpack Portable

Zupt’s B-PINS X is our newest inertial survey tool for land/onshore operations. The B-PINS X employs the same proven inertial navigation technology as our existing B-PINS system to provide a portable and accurate survey solution in GPS denied areas.

The B-PINS X improves upon the existing B-PINS system by reducing the weight and size of the entire system, and weighs only 15kg or 33 pounds. The smaller size allows the B-PINS X to be our most portable system yet, and the field-tested rugged design will withstand even the toughest jobs.

Additional technology has been incorporated for increased production capabilities. A laser range finder has been integrated into the system to locate and identify the precise stake location to further increase the ease of use and accuracy for our customers’ surveys. Built-in batteries and chargers provide over 16 hours of operations on one charge. The Nautiz X8 provides the latest in data collector technology, and with Zupt’s own wireless solution ensures 100% connectivity between the data collector and the backpack.