Sercel 388 Components & Accessories

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This 2nd Hand/Used Sercel 388 Recording System can be purchased as a complete bulk purchase or as individual components. Everything will be tested as in good working order prior to shipping, but this is sold as is and all sales are final.

Some of the components include:

  • Cable SN388 MR, 6@32m
  • Back to Back, SN388, SU6
  • Cable SN388,Transverse, 200m
  • Cable SN388,Transverse, 250m
  • Cable SN388 Jumper PSU/CSU
  • Cable SN388, Power Input Cable
  • Crossing Station Unit, CSU
  • HCI Screen & Processor Assy.
  • Microwave Link Set SN388
  • SN388 PAM 1200ch
  • Power Station Unit, PSU
  • Power Station Unit, PSU-6B
  • Sercel 388,SU6, 6 Ch
  • Sercel 388,SU6B, 6 Ch
  • SU-6B/S submersible
  • Transverse Repeater Unit, TRU
  • SN388 Active Quick Tester
  • Line Tester
  • Test and Maintenance System


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