AGI SuperSting R8 56 electrode system



AGI SuperSting R8 56 electrode system, manufactured in 2012, includes:

  • SuperSting R8.
  • 4)   14 electrode cable sets with 6m spacing.
  • 2)   28 electrode cable sets with 1.2m spacing. Nice for detail work, not having cables wound up between electrodes.
  • 1)   100m extension cable. *
  • 1)    50m extension cable.  * These cables are used to reach a remote switch box / lines without having to take the Sting into a possible rough location.  Additionally, if doing multiple lines it’s nice not having to move the Stings station / location.
  • 1)    Switch Box
  • 1) Set of custom made electrodes. (60) With an easy electrode connection, also a stop washer so all electrodes are equally driven into the soil. This stop washer also provides additional soil contact at the point where the currant is best to be applied.
  • – All necessary software and Dongle.
  • – All required cable attachments.
  • – Military case for cables.
  • – Case for the Sting and cabling harnesses.
  • – Manuals.