About Us

The R.T. Clark Companies, Inc. headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A. is a full service, international company servicing the geophysical, geotechnical, engineering, and environmental communities.

Realizing that the geophysical industry lacked an outlet to dispose of used and surplus equipment, The R.T. Clark Companies, Inc. was established in 1983 to provide this function. Since that time, we have created our own brand of New Products, Sensors, Energy Sources, Battery Enclosures, and custom developed seismic equipment. We have assisted in numerable seismic, engineering, and environmental contractors, oil companies, geophysical companies, universities, and research institutions in the procurement and sale of new and used/2nd hand geophysical and seismic equipment.

Not only are we the largest “Exclusive Used Equipment Broker” in the geophysical industry and our New Products division. we also and conduct appraisals of assets and holdings to satisfy our clients’ accounting, financial, and legal needs.

In the interest of gaining the most value for every client, The R. T. Clark Companies, Inc. advertises extensively in the international market and participates in the EAEG, SEG, AGU and SAGEEP Exhibitions.