“AS IS” SuperSting R8/IP WiFi +28 System Complete w/ accessories



“AS IS” SuperSting R8/IP WiFi +28 System Complete w/ accessories.  This system has extensive damage to the R8, and is being sold in “AS IS” condition.  Please contact us direct for further information on the repair estimate and damage.  The system includes:

  • – Heavy duty carry case for SuperSting
  • – 2) FlexLite Passive cable 28 conductor 1X14X3m with 2.5m lead and tail
  • – 30) Stainless Steel Electrode Stake w/Spring
  • – Field box, for cables
  • – Field Box – Electrode Stakes
  • – EarthImager 2D USB dongle
  • – EarthImager 3D USB Dongle
  • – Power supply 110V/220V to be used with AC gen. Normal/Boost
  • – Heavy Duty Carrying Case for Switch Box

No manual, no tablet

MFG 2018